Monday, October 6, 2008

My 1st (successful) Fondant Covered Cake

Last weekend a co-worker, who I like a lot, got married on the sly. She went on vacation for a week then came in on Monday morning with the 'glow' and announced she was a married women. It was very 'no frills', just the way she wanted it.

While at my desk, she jokingly said she didn't have a wedding cake and peeked at me. I asked her what type of cake would she haven't wanted and she said "a chocolate cake with a not so sweet icing". Hmmmmm. Instantly my mind started a working. Now, I know she was joking but shoot she gave me a reason to bake!

I decided to make chocolate cake with vanilla SMBC and cover it in white fondant with a red ribbon border. I wanted to make some gum paste flowers.....and I did...but I didn't like them enough to put on the cake. I found this video and have the technique down, I just need the correct tools. Since the flower idea wasn't working I decided to make a little bow on the top of it.

I am VERY happy and proud of my cake. This is my second time working with fondant and loved the results. The first time wasn't bad I just didn't like how it turned out. I didn't put a good base of icing under the cake so it was a bit bumpy.